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Efficient Feeding with Chestnut Horse Feeds

Renowned for producing simple, easy-to-use, quality nutrition for your horse, Chestnut Horse Feeds deliver our unique horse feed bulk bins directly to you, saving time, money and reducing your plastic waste.

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The simple, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to feed your horse.

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About Chestnut Horse Feeds

Chestnut Horse Feeds is a family owned business operating from rural Leicestershire. We are committed to continuing to provide exceptional service and high quality feeds delivered in Chestnut's unique, environmentally-friendly Bulk Bin Feeding System.

The Chestnut range of horse feeds has been formulated with one key goal, to provide feed using only the finest natural ingredients. Our experts have designed the range with palatability in mind and have carried out extensive research to ensure that Chestnut Feeds are both nutritionally balanced and appetising.

To order your Bulk Bin, or for more information on our service call Chestnut Horse Feeds on 01455 558808.