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A high energy chaff feed designed for horses and ponies in all types of work. Chestnut Chomp can be fed alongside our Everyday Essential Balancer for a fully balanced, fibre-based diet, or added into any diet for an extra fibre or energy source.

Designed to be fed alongside grazing and other forage.

1 level Stubbs round bowl scoop weighs approx. 0.5 kg.

Feeding Rate
Adjust feeding rate according to workload and body condition; between 100 - 500 g per 100 kg bodyweight per day.

Dried Grass, Grass Pellets, Chopped Oat Straw, Rapeseed Oil, Molasses, Calcium Carbonate.

DE (MJ/kg) Protein Oils & Fats Fibre
11.1 13.5% 12.0% 21.0%
Ash Starch Sugar
9.0% 1.4% 8.9%

Fibre sources used in our feeds can change, depending on the time of year and seasonal conditions. Therefore our feeds may also change in appearance. This is the nature of fibre crops and does not affect the overall nutritional value of the feed.

Chestnut Chomp is a carefully selected blend of high-temperature dried chopped grass and grass pellets.  As such, it is high in fibre, and can be fed to all horses and ponies, from those in light work to those in hard work.   It is also suitable for those who have limited access to pasture and whose calorie requirements are significant.

Top Tip!
If you are feeding Chestnut Chomp alone, it is best fed alongside our Everyday Essential Balancer or the Everyday Vitamin & Mineral Supplement from Equine America, available from Chestnut Horse Feeds. This will ensure that your horse or pony is receiving all their required daily macro-and micro-nutrients.

Chestnut Chomp is not available in bags, but is readily available in larger quantities via our unique bulk bin feeding system. Please call 01455 558808 for bulk and/or collection pricing.

Bulk Bin (70kg)

Delivery is £15.00 inc. VAT per bin. Multiple bulk bin delivery discounts are available, please contact us for more information.