Unique Bulk Bin Feeding System

Simple and convenient feeding. Reducing your plastic waste.


At the heart of our business is the quality of our products and our impact on the environment.

The Bulk Bin Feeding System is the only one of its kind in the UK. Our feed is delivered direct to you, safely sealed in our re-useable, waterproof, rodent resistant and lockable bins, drastically reducing plastic waste.

The Chestnut Lifestyle Range has been carefully formulated to ensure the feeds are fully nutritionally balanced whilst being palatable and appetising.

Chestnut Horse Feeds contain no prohibited substances as defined by the Jockey Club, BSJA or FEI. Chestnut Horse Feeds are manufactured at a UFAS/NOPS approved site.

a photo of a woman opening a Bulk Bin for her horse

How do I use my bin?

Each bin is delivered sealed and on wheels. Simply break the seal and you are ready to begin feeding. The bins contain up to 180kg of feed depending on the product chosen. Offering an easy and convenient way to buy and store feed in bulk and reduce plastic use.

a photo of a Bulk Bin padlock

Features & Benefits

The bins can be stored outside out of direct sunlight and are lockable, waterproof and rodent resistant. When your empty bin is collected it returns to the mill where it is fully cleansed and dried ready to be filled and sent back out into circulation.

  • I am delighted with Chestnut Horse Feeds, the delivery system is easy and they have a great range to suit all horses. Ben Way
  • We are very priviliged to work with such a wonderful company. All the horses love the feeds, a simple but premium quality product delivered to your door. Wayfarar Eventing
  • My horses have never looked or felt so good! Chestnut Feeds have exactly the right mix of nutrients for all my horses and they feel and look amazing. The delivery system is very cost effective and time saving so I can spend more time riding. PG Sport Horses

Bulk Bin Delivery Routes

We have set delivery routes to ensure the lorries meet our carbon footprint requirements and deliver full loads, keeping our service efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. Please contact us to discuss your delivery options.

To order your Bulk Bin, or for more information on our service call Chestnut Horse Feeds on 01455 558808.