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Everyday Essential Balancer is a complete feed with higher levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Formulated as a mix including grass chop, it can be fed alongside forage. Everyday Essential Balancer is a unique balancer with low feeding rates. Feeding a balancer ensures that the basic protein, vitamin and mineral requirments are met.

Micronised full fat soya, sugar beet flakes, chopped oat straw, molasses, canola oil, micronised maize, alfalfa pellets, micronised peas, vitamins and minerals, mint and diacal phosphate.

DE 16MJ/KG, Starch 8.5%.

Protein Oils & Fats Fibre Ash
25.0% 15.0% 6.0% 10.0%

Fibre sources used in our feeds can change, depending on the time of year and seasonal conditions. Therefore our feeds may also change in appearance. This is the nature of fibre crops and does not affect the overall nutritional value of the feed.

Chestnut Everyday Essential Balancer is available to buy in 20kg bags or in larger quantities ‐ only with our unique bulk bin feeding system. Please call 01455 558808 for bulk and/or collection pricing.

Bag (20kg) available through eFeeds for £24.99 plus £9.00 delivery.

Bulk Bin (180kg)

Delivery is £8.50 per bin.


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