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Chestnut Chomp Lite has been specifically formulated for horses and ponies that require a low calorie, high fibre diet. This molasses free feed is a palatable combination of oat straw, alfalfa pellets and natural mint. With low starch and sugar Chestnut Chomp Lite is ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work and good doers or those prone to conditions such as laminitis and PPID (Cushings Disease).

Chestnut Chomp Lite can be used as a partial forage replacement or alongside Chestnut Everyday Balancer to ensure a fully balanced diet.

Adjust feeding rate according to workload and body condition; between 100-500g per 100kg bodyweight per day.

One level Stubbs round bowl scoop holds around 0.3kg.

Chopped Oat Straw, Alfalfa Pellets, Rapeseed Oil and Mint.

Protein Oils & Fats Fibre Ash
9.9% 4.1% 35.2% 8.3%
Starch Sugar DE
2.4% 4.1% 9.37MJ/kg

Fibre sources used in our feeds can change, depending on the time of year and seasonal conditions. Therefore our feeds may also change in appearance. This is the nature of fibre crops and does not affect the overall nutritional value of the feed.

Chestnut Chomp Lite is not available in bags, but is readily available in larger quantities via our unique bulk bin feeding system. Please call 01455 558808 for bulk and/or collection pricing.

Bulk Bin (50kg)

Delivery is £9.00 per bin.