Chestnut Horse Feeds: Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free


There is a real tangible move towards zero-waste, plastic free shopping across the UK. In various towns and in many high streets we are seeing new retailers popping up, inside you will find jars of dried goods, vats of washing up liquids. Foods and home essentials with no packaging, zero-plastic and less waste.

You go in with your re-usable bags, re-fillable bottles and tubs and stock up, safe in the knowledge you are doing your bit to reduce your household waste.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same at the yard.

With Chestnut Horse Feeds you can, and you don’t even need leave the yard to do it.

All of our feeds are delivered in the bulk bin system, the bins are on loan to you for the life of the feed. We deliver direct to your yard on a designated day and leave you with a sealed bin filled with the freshly produced feed of your choice. All bins are delivered on wheels so they can be easily moved around the yard. All are lockable with your own padlock and the bins are waterproof and rodent resistant so can be stored outside. When you are heading to the end of your bin, simply place your next order. We collect your empty bin and deliver a freshly filled new bin.

All of our empty bins return to the mill when they are fully sanitized before going back into circulation.

Think of our bins as giant Tupperware, your horses own lunchbox. No hauling bags of feed back to the yard, no decanting feed into bins, it’s all done for you.

Chestnut Horse Feeds can help you to reduce plastic use, make your life easier and provide a complete, balanced diet for your horse

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