Chestnut Horse Feeds: The original eco-friendly choice


limate change and the effect we as humans are having on the wider environment has never been a more widely recognised issue. Many of us are changing our habits, buying patterns and lifestyle to try and make a difference. We know the equestrian world is no exception. We can help. We have been drastically reducing plastic usage for our customers since 2007.

Chestnut Horse Feeds is a family owned business that has the quality of its products and the environmental impact of the business at its heart.

The bulk bin system is the only one of its kind in the UK. We manufacture our high quality, high fibre, palatable lifestyle range and deliver direct to you, safely sealed in our re-useable, waterproof, rodent proof and lockable bins, drastically reducing single use plastic for our customers.

The way the system works is incredibly simple. We deliver the feed of your choice direct to your yard, when you are ready for a new bin of feed, simply place your order, we take your empty bin away and deliver a fresh, full bin ready for use. When your empty bin is collected it returns to our mill where it is full cleansed and dried ready to be filled and sent back out into circulation. 

In the past year over 143,000 kg of feed has been sent out in our bulk bins, equating to over 7,000 plastic bags that have not gone to landfill.

  • Be more environmentally conscious
  • Use less plastic
  • Have a free no-obligation yard visit 
  • Feed high quality, high fibre, complete feed 
  • Delivered direct to your yard

What isn’t to love?

To find out more about our delivery areas, our range of feeds or to place an order, please contact us.