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For growing and active dogs. The next stage on from Dog & Puppy.

  • Rich in Chicken & Rice
  • Wheat Gluten free Recipe
  • No added soya 
  • Added Linseed & Salmon Oil to help support overall health

Masters Eclipse Active & Growth is packed with the necessary nutrition for growing dogs (from 6-9 months+) and supplies a high energy diet for more active dogs. It provides a high quality, balanced diet supplying all the nutrients needed to keep your dog in peak condition and performance, and does not require the addition of any meat or biscuits.

Masters Eclipse Active & Growth is rich in best quality chicken, meat and marrowbone and rice. It is also wheat gluten free, which makes it suitable for dogs that suffer from certain allergies. Linseed and Salmon Oil are added as a natural conditioner to give your dog a beautiful glossy coat and help support your dogs overall health.

Protein 25%
Crude Fibre 3%
Fat 15%
Crude Ash 6%
Vitamin A 17,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 1,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E 100 mg/kg

Poultry Meal, Whole Maize, White Rice, Whole Oats, Poultry Oil, Whole Barley, Sugar Beet Pellets ,Whole Linseed, Salmon Oil.

Adult Feeding Guide
Body Weight Daily Requirements
2-10kg 75-155g
10-20kg 155-255g
20-30kg 255-330g
30kg+ 330g+
Puppy Feeding Guide
Age 1-5kg 5-10kg 10-25kg 25-45kg 45-80kg
6-8 months 30-120g 125-220g 175-380g 410-675g 510-885g
8-12 months Adult 115-205g 190-410g 360-610g 575-1040g
12-18 months Adult Adult Adult 395-635g 565-940g
18-24 months Adult Adult Adult Adult 610-980g

The above feeding chart's are meant to be used as a guide only. All dogs are individuals and their metabolism and nutritional requirement vary.  The amount of food a dog requires can depend on a number of factors, including age, breed, sex, activity and time of year.  Growing dogs may require up to double the amount of food that an adult dog of similar body weight will need.  From 9 months you can feed 1 or 2 times per day to suit your management routine.

Add warm water and feed immediately. Alternatively, Active & Growth may be fed either soaked or dry.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Eclipse Active & Growth Working Dog Food is available to buy in 15kg bags, and is delivered free of charge with your horse feed bin. Please 01455 558808 for details.

Bag (15kg)