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Masters Complete Country Dog is specially formulated to supply a balanced, maintenance diet for adult dogs who may be prone to gaining weight.

  • Contains Meat & Bone Meal 
  • Linseed is added for glossy coat condition
  • No added soya 
  • A healthy maintenance diet

Masters Country Dog is an extruded, maintenance diet for adult dogs in light exercise or those with a tendency to gain weight. It supplies all the nutrients essential for your dog’s health and vitality in one natural and satisfying meal and does not require the addition of any extra meat or biscuits.

Masters Country Dog contains meat & bone meal and top quality chicken, and is fortified with a full complement of vitamins & minerals. Linseed is added to give your dog a beautiful, glossy coat.  The extruded nugget is basted in poultry oil for your dog’s enjoyment. 

Protein 19%
Crude Fibres 3.5%
Fat Content 9%
Crude Ash 7%
Vitamin A 17,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 1,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E 100 mg/kg

Whole Wheat, Wheatfeed Pellets, Meat & Bone Meal, Poultry Oil, Poultry Meat Meal, Whole Linseed, Brewers Yeast.

Body Weight Daily Requirements
2-10 kg 55-180g
10-20 kg 180-300g
20-30 kg 300-410g
30-45 kg 410-550g

The amount of food a dog requires can depend on a number of factors, including age, breed, sex, activity and time of year.

Add warm water and feed immediately. Alternatively, Masters Country Dog may be fed either soaked or dry.

Drinking water should always be available.

Country Dog Working Dog Food is available to buy in 15kg bags, and is delivered free of charge with your horse feed bin. Please 01455 558808 for details.

Bag (15kg)