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A high energy addition to a feed ration and is suitable for horses and ponies requiring extra calories or needing to build condition.

Suitable for veterans and those prone to laminitis.

1 level Stubbs round bowl scoop weighs approx. 1.2 kg.

Feeding Rate
Adjust feeding rate according to workload and body condition; Up to 100 g per day, per 100 kg of bodyweight.

Micronised Linseed Meal.

DE (MJ/kg) Protein Oils & Fats Fibre
20.0 23.0% 39.0% 7.0%
Ash Starch Sugar
5.5% 4.0% 5.0%

Fibre sources used in our feeds can change, depending on the time of year and seasonal conditions. Therefore our feeds may also change in appearance. This is the nature of fibre crops and does not affect the overall nutritional value of the feed.

Micronising is an infra-red, high-speed, high-temperature cooking process that causes minimal degradation of nutrient quality. Micronised Linseed Meal is incredibly high in energy, oil and protein, and as such, it is highly effective at improving condition and aiding muscle development, as well as contributing to a shiny, healthy coat.

Micronised Linseed Meal is a rich source of essential fatty acids (Omega 3; 6 and 9) and is high in anti-oxidants, whilst its anti-inflammatory action helps maintain supple joints and general good health. It is therefore highly suitable for veterans.

As it contains very low levels of both starch and sugar, it is also suitable for laminitics or those horses and ponies suffering from clinical nutritional diseases (such as PPID / Cushing’s Disease).

Recent research has found that Micronised Linseed Meal, once metabolised, creates mucilage which lines the gut wall and helps guard against acid attack (it is therefore useful for adding additional calories to the rations of horses and ponies that are prone to EGUS).

Top Tip!
If your horse or pony is lacking in muscle or condition, Micronised Linseed Meal represents a highly concentrated and effective way to provide additional quality protein and energy in their ration.

Linseed is available to buy in 20kg bags. Please call 01455 558808 for bulk and/or collection pricing.

Bag (20kg)

Free delivery when ordered with a bulk bin of feed.