Unique Bulk Bin Feeding System

خيار ثنائي بوت السيارات Are you struggling for storage space with your feed, or are rodents making a mess in your feed store?


firefox تداول بالذهب If you're having problems with your current feed store then we recommend the unique Bulk Bin Feeding System from Chestnut Horse Feeds.

ما معنى الخيارات الثنائية To order your Bulk Bin, or for more information on our service call Chestnut Horse Feeds on ثنائي الخيار روبوت يعمل 01455 558808

لمسة واحدة الخيارات الثنائية تجريبي I am delighted with Chestnut Horse Feeds, the delivery system is easy and they have a great range to suit all horses.

طريقة تداول الاسهم Ben Way

a photo of a woman opening a Bulk Bin for her horse

How do I use my bin?

تجارة الذهب المستعمل The bulk bins can be stored anywhere either inside or outside, out of direct sunlight. They are supplied on wheels and can be moved around your yard easily.

طرق سهلة للحصول على المال Our customers have found it a very convenient and hassle free way of ordering and storing their feed.

a photo of a Bulk Bin padlock

Features & Options

استراتيجية الفوركس The Chestnut Horse Feeds bulk bin holds up to 230kg of feed, dependant on the product chosen. All Chestnut Horse Feeds, straights and paddock feeds are available for delivery in our unique bin system.

  • Waterproof and rodent-proof
  • Supplied with wheels
  • Provided on free loan
  • Lockable