Christiane Oakley

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Christiane Oakley is a dressage rider from Winchester who alongside training and competing her own two horses Probono ll and Keystone Walente, runs a competition livery yard.

Christiane has been using Chestnut Horse Feeds for a number of years and became a supported rider in 2018, which was a successful year with Probono ll becoming Elementary Summer Regional Champion and Keystone Walente taking 3rd in the Elementary Summer Regional. In 2019 Probono ll has been moving up the ranks with the following success:

- Winning Medium silver freestyle champion
- 5th advanced medium freestyle
- 7th advanced medium regional
- 9th medium silver regional 

Christiane is planning to keep progressing her horses up through the levels and we know she will do great things!

I have been using Chestnut horse feeds for many years for my competition horses and my livery clients. The ranges of quality feeds suit all of our horses various lifestyles from the happy hackers to the fit hard working competition horses.
 In particular, my own two horses which are both very sensitive to ride thrive on the new lifestyle range, Chestnut Sensitive Performance. They are competing regularly so need the energy to sustain the workload required to be able to perform at their best but without any excess sugar or starch. The bulk bin feeding system is also such a fantastic way to feed all our horses, the bins are so easy to move around which is so handy for a big yard like ours. The bins are environmentally friendly and delivered right to the door!

Christiane Oakley

Favourite Feeds

The preferred horse feeds chosen by Christiane Oakley are: