New Chestnut Lifestyle range


A lifestyle choice to meet your daily requirements

We have always wanted to keep feeding simple, easy to use, whilst being of good quality, cost effective and time saving. Our current range has a number of options which are very similar in ingredients, starch, sugar and calories. Along with quite confusing brand names which dont always guide customers to the choice they need to make. So to improve our total offer based on customer feedback, modern research and equine health, we have transformed the feeds whilst maintaining our enviromentally friendly feed bins and delivery system.

So to the feeds, whats changed? Firstly we do receive quite a lot of feedback with regards to the consistency and appearancce of Alfalfa chop. The nature of Alfalfa means that the plant becomes stalkier towards the end of harvest, it can also appear quite abrasive at times. So to maintain the benefits of Alfalfa but include a fibre source soft in texture, we have added grass chop and pelleted Alfalfa.

Another query we often receive is regarding adding additional feeds to our range such as Linseed or Sugar beet. We dont want to have to recommend additional feeding, as this takes away from the simplicity of our system, however if our feeds require this, then we need to look at the inclusions within our feeds. So we looked at different ingredient options and how we can use these whilst maintaining the overall reason for the feed. We believe we have feeds now which you will find easier to use, that wont need any additional supplementation, saving you yet more time and money.

The feeds are:

Everyday Essential Balancer: A low feeding rate, balancer supplies vitamins, minerals and protein to a forage base diet (hay/haylage). How have we changed? To improve the consistency and appearance, we have removed a fibre pellet and chosen to add grass chop, this gives Essential balancer a unique appearance, great palatability and is we think a very different type of balancer due to its mix rather than pellet form.

Daily Mainteneance: This takes on the value and appeal of a cereal free, low calorie, low sugar and starch feed, which is high in fibre. Daily Maintenance will be a choice of current customers who prefer Crystal, Bronze or Silver. It too has an inclusion of Micronised linseed. This feed will be suitable for a large range of horses and ponies with a variety of needs.

Sensitive Performance: A feed formulated around Gastric Health concerns; we have replaced Alfalfa with soft grass chop and grass pellets, added micronised linseed and superfibres. A higher energy feed, whilst keeping a combined sugar and starch level of less than 10%. This feed is a good option for a wide range of different types of horses and ponies, but specially beneficial to those who require condition, a level of energy to compete without excitability, and those who may be predisposed to digestive issues.

Active response: Our higher end feed, formulated around an inclusion of Naked oats for that extra sparkle. A great competiton feed but also for horses who trive on a higher starch feed, for studs and horses who require a quicker release energy.


Our Lifestyle range really has based on your feedback, your requirements together with research and trends. We hope you will benefit as much from using and receiving the feeds and service as we have had putting together for you.

Samples of all the lifestyle range are available and we are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. so dont forget you can call us, email or message.