Feeding Young Horses with Henry Boswell Dressage


When feeding young horses it is important to ensure you give the correct energy levels, vitamins and minerals without overloading young bodies with too many calories. The correct ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous is important; as is good quality protein to support growth. Henry feeds Chestnut Bronze and underpins this with Chestnut Balancer.

"Winter is an important time for us to bring our young horses on to their next level of training. Part of their development into grown up dressage horses is to get out and about at some small shows to get used to travelling and show atmosphere. We use the lighter competition schedule of the older horses to take time for this. We take the advice of Chestnut Horse Feeds to ensure we are feeding the correct amounts of Chestnut Bronze and Balancer to our horses" Henry Boswell

A typical diet plan for feeding Henrys youngsters:

1. Forage is always the most important part of the diet. We analyse Henrys forage to give us an idea of nutritional value and energy. Forage is fed at a rate of 1.5% of bodyweight, increased to 2% depending on the diet.

2. When starting youngsters, we need to have an idea of how they adapt to a new training and work regime. Feeding excess calories at an early point could mean an over exuberant reaction. However, vitamins, minerals and protein sources are     an absolute must. Chestnut Balancer provides the daily requirements of these vitamins, minerals and proteins. The feeding rate would be between 100-200g per 100kg of bodyweight. If fed with forage alone feeding rates would be 200g per       100kg of bodyweight.

3. 1 scoop of Chestnut Alpha Chomp per feed helps to slow down eating time, encourages salivation and can be effective as a natural acid buffer. 

4. Chestnut Bronze is the diet we use as a starting point. A lower energy feed with quality protein, it is a good way to support energy level and body condition until the work changes or the young horses start to mature and different types of diet  may be required. We asses and make these changes on a regular basis.