Chestnut News - Issue 1 & Price Update


New Feeds Launched at Blenheim

It was great to see everybody at Blenheim International Horse Trials. Thanks for coming to see us and great to hear your feed back on our new diets.

Your Horse Live - 14th - 15th November 2015

We have our brand new range of feeds this year at Your Horse Live. Come and visit us on stand No. 187. We really enjoy meeting all our customers and we may have a few surprises!

Now in its 13th year, Your Horse Live is a wonderful day out for both shopping and learning , with demonstrations this year from Charlotte Dujardin, Ben Hobday and Paul Tapner.

Hope to see you there!

Feed Focus: Chestnut Bronze

Chestnut Bronze is a diet suitable for horses and ponies as a maintenance diet or those in light to medium work. It is a great diet for young horses starting work as it is low in sugar and starch and has good quality protein sources. International dressage rider, and ambassador, Henry Boswell chooses to start his young horses on Chestnut Bronze combined with Chestnut Balancer. By ensuring his young horses have their daily recommended vitamins and minerals, Chestnut Bronze is used to provide a good level of calorie/energy which can be adjusted as required. As the young horses progress in their work the diets are continually adjusted and reviewed.

For more information about Chestnut Bronze:

Price Update

ProductBags (20kg) - Excluding DeliveryBulk Bin - Excluding DeliveryBulk Bin Weight
Chestnut Balancer£19.50£165.75170kg
Chestnut Crystal£12.50£56.2590kg
Chestnut Bronze£12.75£108.38170kg
Chestnut Silver£13.50£114.75170kg
Chestnut Gold£13.25£86.13130kg
Chestnut Diamond£15.00£97.50130kg
Chestnut Platinum£15.50£100.75130kg
Chestnut Chomp£8.25£57.7570kg
StraightsBags (20kg) - Excluding DeliveryBulk Bin - Excluding DeliveryBulk Bin Weight
Sugar Beet Shreds£7.50£37.50100kg
Grass Nuts£9.50£109.25230kg
Micronised Barley£7.75£50.38130kg
Whole Oats£7.00£59.50170kg
Flaked Maize£8.50£85.00110kg
Oatfeed Pellets£6.50£35.75110kg
Supplements, Forage and BeddingDelivered PriceCollected Price
Canola Oil£8.50£7.65
Garlic Granules 2.5kg£11.50£10.35
Garlic Granules 7kg£30.00£27.00
Micronised Linseed 2kg£9.25£8.33
Micronised Linseed 7kg£28.50£25.65
Micronised Linseed 20kg£25.88£23.30
Horse Haylage Multi£8.00£7.00
Horse Haylage Rye Pro£8.00£7.00
Nedz Bed Pro 1-29 bales£8.18£7.08
Nedz Bed Pro 30 + bales£7.67£6.84