Chestnut Horse Feeds has a winner!


In November last year Chestnut Horse Feeds customer Hannah Bishop approached Chestnut Horse Feeds about a Charity Race she was going to enter. Hannah looks after the racing portfolio for Prowting racing and looks after all of the horses on their holidays. The horses are all fed on Chestnut Horse Feeds when at home and Hannah asked us if we would be able to put a feeding plan in place for Prince Du Seuill who had retired from racing but was going back into training for this race. Prince was doing very well on Chestnut Horse Feeds at home and Hannah wanted to keep him on our feeds when he went to Richard Phillips yard in Adlestrop for training. We put a plan in place which started by keeping him on the Alpha Plus that he had been on and then moved onto the Sport Horse Mix a month before the race.


Prince did very well on the feed and training went well. He was in great condition and his energy levels were just right for his workload. On 1st March we all headed to Newbury racecourse for the Greatwood Charity race at 5.35. Prince entered the paddock looking extrememly well and was clearly feeling very at home being back on the racecourse as you can see from the picture above. Richard led Prince to the start as he was feeling fresh and as they set off he pulled clear by 10-12 lengths. Prince led the whole race, only being caught turning for the home straight as they came down to the line Prince dug deep and pulled clear to WIN the race! We were all ecstatic, such a great day for everyone involved.

Hannah had put in a lot of effort travelling over to Adlestrop to ride out and make sure she was on top form, Richard Phillips did a fantastic job of training Prince to perfection and Chestnut Horse Feeds ensured he had the right 'fuel' in the tank.

Prince will now be aimed at a race under rules so watch this space for more news on his progress.