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a photo of a Chestnut Horse Feeds' Unmolassed Sugar Beet Flakes

Our high quality unmolassed sugar beet pulp flakes are an excellent source of highly digestible fibre and have a 10 minute soak time. Being low in starch and sugar and rich in calcium sugar beet flakes are an excellent source of non-heating energy. Sugar beet is rapidly fermented in the hind gut, acting as a protein to microbial population and increasing their productivity, effectively acting as a natural pre-biotic. Quick to soak, easy to use and great to support hydration. GM free and of UK origin.

Adjust feeding rate according to workload and body condition. Always feed a minimum of 1.5kg forage per 100kg of bodyweight per day.

Crude Fibre Crude Protein Crude Ash Sugar as Sucrose
16.4% 7.7% 11.0% 5.8%
Total Oil Total Starch Insoluble Ash DE
2.0% 0.6% 7.0% 10.9MJ/kg

Unmolassed Sugar Beet Flakes are available to buy in 20kg bags or in larger quantities ‐ only with our unique bulk bin feeding system. Please call 01455 558808 for collection pricing.

Bag (20kg)

Free delivery when ordered with a bulk bin of feed.


Bulk Bin (150kg)

Delivery is £9.00 per bin.